CMM Times

We frequently publish a magazine-like bulletin called CMM Times. Herein we document the life of our community and any ongoing projects we are involved in. We also have special editions released to accompany significant religious periods such as Christmas, Lent and Easter.

Below you will find download links to each issue that has been released. At the bottom of the page we have embedded an example of how each issue looks. We hope you enjoy them, and any feedback you may have would be greatly appreciated.

CMM Times The Joy of the Harvest (24 February 2013)

CMM Times [Un]told Stories (23 December 2012)

CMM Times Filling the Spaces In-between
(11 November 2012)

CMM Times Heatherdale Rocked with the Daisies
(21 October 2012)

CMM Times The Gift of History (9 September 2012)

CMM Times As It Is In Heaven (22 July 2012)

CMM Times The Jesus School (12 February 2012)

CMM Times 18 Dececember 2011

CMM Times 13 November 2011

CMM Times 30 October 2011

CMM Times 16 October 2011

CMM Times 9 October 2011

CMM Times Spring 2011

CMM Times Easter 2011

CMM Times Lent 2011

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