Alan Storey in the USA

Oct 1, 2014  |  Sunday Letter
Alan was invited to bring the Word of God to various congregations and gatherings in the USA during September of 2014. Below are links (audio/video) to click on to hear/view what was shared.

14 September 2014: Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church, Washington DC. Long Walk to Freedom.

16 September 2014: Wesley Theological Seminary (Tuesday Chapel Service) in Washington DC. Offering ourselves to God’s transforming work.

18 September 2014: Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary – in discussion with Rev. Dr. Kenneth Carder. Reflections on Context, Church, Christ.

21 September 2014: Myers Park United Methodist Church, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA teaching Manna and Mercy and focusing on the book of Revelation during Adult Sunday School. A Look at Revelation.

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